Wireless is an established part of our lives and is amazingly versatile. You only have to look at the number of wireless devices available to consumers to realise that embracing wireless is something that structured cabling companies should do. Impact Data Solutions wireless systems provide our enterprise customers a single infrastructure that links together campus and remote environments to provide their extended workforce with secure mobile access to corporate resources.

Get Connected

The Wired for Wireless Solution is a cost effective system designed to allow Enterprise customers to prepare their buildings for wireless coverage by deploying broadband coaxial cable and antennas throughout a building during the construction phase. Custom design is eliminated and system costs are lower and the solution paves a path for the in building wireless needs of today and tomorrow.

Wireless technology has become the primary communications method in public venues and commercial buildings for both personal communication and first responder services. As wireless penetration rates approach and exceed 100%, users’ demand that their wireless connected electronic devices work just as effectively indoors as they do outdoors.

First responders require reliable, ubiquitous radio coverage to ensure the safety of the public as well as themselves in emergency situations. The IDS In-Building Wireless (IBW) Solution provides the products and services to address the most complex mobile challenges.

Employees and guests, suppliers and customers all have come to expect reliable connectivity wherever they may be, from their car to the office. The promise of mobility is here and IDS ensure that it has no boundaries!

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