Cabinets & Racks

IDS have been designing data centres since our inception, working with some of the largest companies in the world to deliver their infrastructure solutions.  We have always been ahead of the curve when it comes to cabinet and rack deployment and have worked with all of the major manufacturers of cabinets and racks to install hardware throughout EMEA.

We also understand that on larger data centre deployments, cabinets are sometimes purchased direct with manufacturers to reduce cost.  We can also take your headaches away when it comes to delivery of your own supplied data cabinets or racks. We offer a bespoke cabinet placement service to make your life easier!  We can even provide a ‘price per cabinet’ so you know exactly how much the service will cost you.



Baying & Preparation

Once we have delivered your cabinets we can align and bay your cabinets into their specific position, move cabinet rails & earth down to the buzz bar.  IDS also mark out your floor, cut the floor tile and carry out installation of Koldlok’s or grommets.

Cable Management

IDS can install or supply and install cable basket, cable runway, horizontal or vertical cable management products.


IDS can install or supply and install vertical or horizontal PDU’s complete with environmental monitoring.

Cold Aisle

IDS can build your preferred cold aisle containment solution. In addition, we can install cabinet chimneys and airflow directors.

Racking & Stacking

IDS can take control of your equipment installation. Using our dedicated Network Installation team we can install any equipment you require into your server cabinets and racks.


We can ready-deploy your cabinet with equipment prior to delivery and include all cable management, patch panels and active equipment.